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Facebook pages I’m admin of aren’t listed after authorizing plugin

If you’ve used the “Connect a Facebook account” button in the plugin to authorize the Smash Balloon Facebook app but some of the Facebook pages which you are an admin of are not listed then this is usually caused by previously selecting to only allow the plugin to access certain pages that you manage.

To check this you will need to go to the plugin app settings within your Facebook account:

1) Log into your Facebook account and go to: Your Facebook Personal Profile > Settings & Privacy > Security and Login > Business integrations.

2) Find the app labeled “Smash Balloon WordPress” and click “View and edit”.

3) You can then select which of your Facebook pages you would like the plugin to be able to access.  Alternatively, you can disable the “Manage your Pages” option, and then the plugin will prompt you to allow the plugin to access you pages again when you configure the plugin.

4) Go the plugin’s Settings page again and use the “Connect a Facebook account” button again.


Using the Access Token tool

An alternative solution, if you want to use the token for a specific page but it isn’t showing up in the plugin, is to have another admin of that Facebook page use the tool on this page. They can then authorize our app and send you their page’s Access Token to add into the plugin settings.


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