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Facebook Legacy Feeds

If you updated from an older version of the plugin to version 4.0 or above, all the previously created feeds would be considered a Legacy Feed. They will show up under Facebook feed > All Feeds > Legacy Feeds.

We strongly suggest migrating your Legacy Feeds to the new format, as most shortcode options have been deprecated, and your feed might not display correctly. Please check this guide if you need more information on creating a feed using the new User Interface.

If you are not sure if you have already migrated a Legacy Feed, you can confirm by checking its shortcode syntax. Legacy feeds will not have a feed number, just a basic shortcode like so:


Also, a Legacy Feed can have the customization options set directly on the shortcode like this:

[custom-facebook-feed account="101030081421075" pagetype="page" cols=3 num=6]

Since version 4.0 and above all customizations must be done using the new user interface. Your new shortcode should look like this:

[custom-facebook-feed feed="1"]

Note: The feed number could differ depending on the number of feeds you have created.

Valid legacy shortcode option:

Some legacy shortcode options still work with feeds created on version 4.0 and above, however, this must be used only in specific scenarios otherwise your feed could not display correctly.

Name Attribute Options Description Example
Feed Type type Timeline The type of feed you want to display. This is only used with the Social Wall plugin type="timeline"
Account ID account Numeric page ID The numeric ID of the Facebook Page you want to display. This is only used with the Social Wall plugin. account="2248382638743567"
Filter includewords Any text string or hashtag Only show posts containing the defined string. Separate multiple strings with commas. Multiple strings will be treated as OR. This is only used with the Social Wall plugin. includewords="website"
Post offset offset Any number The number of posts to offset the feed by. For example, offset=2 would start the feed at the third post. offset="1"
Post tags posttags True or
Whether to link @tags in your posts
Caching time cachetime Any number (minutes) Define the amount of time to cache posts before checking Facebook for new ones when “page loads” instead of “in the background”. cachetime="30"
Event time offset eventoffset Any number (hours) The number of hours to continue showing events for after the start time of the event has passed eventoffset="24"

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