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API Error 100 – Unsupported get request

If you’re receiving the error message “API Error 100: Unsupported get request.” when displaying posts from a group or a page, one of the most common causes is that there are buy/sell posts located in the feed that are caused by this Facebook API bug where in this case no information is returned.

We have implemented an option to adapt this to sales-type posts, which will work around the issue. This will help you display the posts; however, the pricing details will not be included as these are not available in the API. To fix this, please follow the steps below:


Version 4.0 and higher

1) Go to WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > All Feeds > (Click the name or pencil icon to edit your feed) > Settings > Advanced

2) In the API Bug Workarounds section enable Sales Post Fix and then Save your feed.

3) Go to WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > Settings > Feeds and click Clear All Caches in the Caching section.

Below Version 4.0

1) Add the salesposts=”true” option to the shortcode you are using to display your Facebook feed, like so:

[custom-facebook-feed salesposts="true"]

2) Once you have added the ‘salesposts’ option, you’ll need to clear the plugin’s cache. Do this by navigating to your WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > Settings > and there click Save Settings & Clear Cache.

Save Change and Clear Cache


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