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Adding our app to a Facebook Group

In order to display a feed of posts from a Facebook group, an admin of the group must first add our app in the Facebook group settings by doing the following:

Visit the group, and click Group Settings”.

2) Find the section labeled “Manage advanced settings“. Click “Apps” then “Add Apps”

3) Search for “Smash Balloon WordPress”, select our app, and click “Add”.

Note:  If using a version of the plugin below v4.1, then search for “Smash Balloon Plugin” instead.

Once this is done, then any member of the group will be able to use the Custom Facebook Feed plugin to display a feed from the group.

IMPORTANT: Due to recent Facebook API limitation changes (August 2021) concerning Facebook group data, we are only able to retrieve posts, events, albums, and videos created in the last 90 days. In addition, we can only get data for posts made after adding the Smash Balloon app to the group. This means that you will not see posts made before connecting the app.


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