Version 3.0

We've added some awesome new features in this update. Let's take a look at what's new...

New Layout Options

We've added some awesome new layouts to allow you to showcase your Instagram content in more ways than ever before.

Masonry Layout

Bored of squares? Display your posts in their uncropped portrait or landscape aspect ratios with the Masonry layout.

Highlight Layout

The new Highlight layout allows you to highlight/enlarge specific posts in your feed in a number of ways:

  • Based on a set pattern
  • Using specific post IDs
  • Based on a specific hashtag in the caption

For example, you could set the plugin to highlight any posts which include the hashtag of #highlight.


Use the options at Customize > General > Layout to select a layout and reveal any associated options.

To change the settings in specific feeds use the layout shortcode option, Eg: layout=highlight

Smoother Loading and Hover Effects

Everyone likes to make a smooth entrance, and now your Instagram posts can too! We've made improvements to the way photos are loaded into the feed, adding a smooth transition to display photos subtly rather than suddenly. We've also made enhacements to other interactive elements - such as hovering over a photo or using the carousel - to create a more refined experience.

Combine Multiple Feed Types

Ever wanted to combine a User feed with a Hashtag feed? Well now you can, thanks to the new mixed feed setting.


To display multiple feed types in a single feed, use type=mixed in your shortcode and then add each user name, hashtag, location, or single post IDs into the shortcode. For example: [instagram-feed type=mixed user="smashballoon" hashtag="#awesomeplugins"]. This will combine a user feed and a hashtag feed into the same feed.

Two-row Carousels and Infinite Looping

Feeling like one row in your carousel just isn't enough? Well now you can double up on carousel goodness with two rows of posts. We've also added inifinte looping so your users can keep on scrolling through your posts till their hands fall off.


To find the new options, go to Customize > General > Layout and select "Carousel". There you can change the "Number of Rows" and the "Loop Type" settings. To use these only for a specific feed, use the carouselrows=2 and carouselloop=infinity shortcode options.

More Header Options

Websites come in all shapes and sizes and so headers should too. That's why we've added some additional options to allow you to customize your feed header even further.

Header Size

Now you can select a Small, Medium, or Large size for your header using the following setting: Customize > General > Header > Header Size, or the headersize shortcode option.

Centered Header

We've added a Centered header style for the times when left-justified just doesn't feel right. Just use the setting at Customize > General > Header > Header Style, or the headerstyle=centered shortcode option.

Reorganized Settings Pages

Due to all the goodness we've been adding lately the settings pages were getting a little cluttered. We've spent some time cleaning things up and reorganizing the settings to make finding settings to customize your feeds even easier than ever.

And that's not all...

We've made lots of other minor improvements and fixes too, such as:

  • Filtering feeds using the include/exclude words settings is now much more performant
  • Improved the image size detection to ensure that the correct image size is always used
  • Improved caption truncation to account for multiple lines containing only single characters

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