FAQs and Troubleshooting

There is a Problem With Twitter Card Links in My Feed

Twitter cards are the links that include an image, description, and title along with the url of the link you tweeted. Twitter does not provide this information to our plugin […]

My feed won’t show the latest tweets

Our plugin uses caching to improve performance and limit requests made to the Twitter API. Your server or another plugin might also use caching to improve the performance of your […]

Can I display Tweets from a specific screen name that have a certain hashtag

There are two ways to filter a user feed. The most efficient may be to use a “search” feed though you will initially be limited to tweets made within the […]

No Images, Only “alt” Text in Firefox

Firefox’s private browsing feature with tracking protection will block images sent from the Twitter API. Try clicking the “shield” icon next to the address bar to confirm this is the […]

How to move the Tweet text to below the image/video

By default the Tweet text is shown at the top of the Tweet, above the image or video element. You can swap their position by adding this to the plugin’s […]

Differences between the free version and Pro version of the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin

The main differences between the free version and Pro version of the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin are listed below. The extra features available in the Pro version are as follows: […]

Is the content of my feed crawlable by search engines and how does it help improve my SEO?

Unlike other Twitter plugins which use iframes to embed your feed into your page once it’s loaded, the Custom Twitter Feeds uses server-side code to embed your feed content directly […]

Are there any technical/server requirements for running the plugin?

Your web server should have either cURL or the PHP allow_url_fopen function enabled. If you don’t know what these are then don’t worry as they’re enabled on the majority of […]

Will Custom Twitter Feeds work with W3 Total Cache or other caching plugins?

The Custom Twitter Feeds plugin should work in compatibility with most, if not all, caching plugins, but you may need to tweak the settings in order to allow the Twitter […]

The font in my Twitter feed isn’t inherited from my website

Be default your Twitter feed should inherit the font from your website. If this isn’t the case then it’s possible that something in the theme is preventing this from happening. […]

Manually updating the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin

If you’re experiencing an issue updating the plugin automatically via your WordPress Plugins page then you can manually update the plugin in one of two ways. Uninstall and Reinstall Check […]

Is the plugin a one-time purchase? Can I still get support after one year?

When you buy the plugin it is just a one-time purchase. Your purchase includes either a 1 year, 3 year or Lifetime license for support and updates (depending on the […]

Unable to download the plugin file as a zip. It’s just a folder of files instead.

If you’re on a Mac then your OS may be set up to automatically unzip zip files when downloading. You can zip the files up again by just right clicking […]

How to build a Twitter Search feed

When creating a search feed using the plugin you can use any of the following: Operator Finds tweets… watching now containing both “watching” and “now”. This is the default operator. […]

Where do I enter my Custom Twitter Feeds license key?

You enter your license under the ‘License’ tab, which is on the Settings page, as shown in the screenshot below: Please note, if you don’t see a ‘License’ tab then […]

Will the plugin work after my license expires?

If your license expires then the plugin will still continue to work but you won’t have access to plugin updates or customer support. However, if Twitter or WordPress changes something […]

Images and videos are not displaying in the feed

Feeds that include images, videos, and gifs in tweets are available with the “Pro” version of the plugin only. Here is a list of possible reasons media are not displaying: […]

How do I create a Twitter list?

Twitter allows you to create a “list” of twitter accounts that you can create a feed of. The first step is creating a list on Twitter. Follow these steps to […]

Combine multiple feed types into one single Twitter feed

The Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin allows you to display posts from any combination of user, hashtag, or search feeds into one single feed. To do so, just use our […]

Custom Twitter Feeds – GDPR Compliance

Important: If you are using our Custom Twitter Feeds plugin on your website then please refer to our GDPR disclosure for full details regarding compliance and how data is transferred […]