Version 3.0 Beta

If you’d like to test the Beta version of the upcoming 3.0 update of the plugin then please fill out the form below and as soon as it’s ready we will contact you.

What’s new?

  • Added a Load More button to the bottom of the feed which allows you to load more posts (or events, photos, albums, etc) into your feed.
  • Added an option to check Facebook posts in the background rather than when the page loads, allowing you to select what time and how often the plugin should check Facebook for new posts in the background.
  • Added Facebook “Reactions” to show when someone has reacted to a post (love, laugh, sad, etc).
  • Post information and comments can now be displayed inside the popup lightbox in a sidebar.
  • Facebook videos are now played inside the official Facebook player which includes full HD video support, the ability to change resolution settings, and support for Live video and 360o video.
  • Photos are now displayed at their full size inside the popup lightbox instead of being limited to 720px wide.
  • Several performance enhancements which should reduce the time the feed takes to load.
  • The navigation arrows in the popup lightbox will now scroll through all images inside a post/album before moving to the next post.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.
  • You must have a current license key in order to receive the Beta version