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Finally, a WordPress Social Feeds Plugin that's both Easy and Powerful

Smash Balloon is the best WordPress social feeds plugin because it lets you create completely customizable social media feeds tailored to your website.

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Display customizable Instagram Feeds in WordPress

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Display customizable YouTube Feeds in WordPress

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Our plugins are trusted by some of the world's biggest brands

Smash Balloon Customer Logos
  • Loving the @smashballoon plugins for displaying @instagram and @twitter posts - been looking for something like this for a while and nothing has ever really worked as well as this. Highly recommended for anyone looking to share their social media posts on @wordpress – Quarry & Castle
  • @smashballoon - What an AMAZING plug-in. Can't begin to tell you how much time this has saved me. The reviews were so good, I didn't believe them because they seemed over the top. Wrong. They are right on the money. One of the easiest to use plug-ins I've ever purchased. – Dan Deibert
  • I seriously love your Instagram Feed Pro plugin @smashballoon. I *could* spend a ton of time writing my own thing, but your elegant and incredibly flexible plugin costs less than an hour of my time and is always up-to-date. #nobrainer #WordPress #WordPressPlugIn – Rachelle Wise

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is the perfect WordPress social media feeds plugin for YOU. Here's why over 1,300,000+ smart business owners, designers, and developers love Smash Balloon, and you will too!

Image of multiple social media feeds in a grid

Easily Setup Custom Social Feeds in WordPress (without writing any code)

Before Smash Balloon, you needed to hire a developer to create a custom social media feed, or settle for the default feeds from each platform which slows your website.

Smash Balloon makes it easy to display social media content in WordPress without writing any code. Best part is that your website stays, blazing fast!

Image of multiple social media feeds in a grid

Customize Social Media Feed Design to Match Your Brand

Our custom social media feeds are 100% mobile responsive and look beautiful right out of the box because we automatically adapt your WordPress theme fonts and styles.

However you can easily customize the social feed designs to further match your brand style and identity with just a few clicks.

Illustration of social media feeds and backup caching icons

Always Reliable Feed Backup and Smart Caching for Maximum Speed

Unlike other WordPress social media feeds plugin, Smash Balloon is always reliable because we have an intelligent feed caching and backup system.

This helps us minimize the number of API requests, so your website is always fast. Furthermore, even when the social media platform is having an outage, your feed keeps working because of our smart backup system.

Various social media feed layouts and Google search icon

Multiple Feeds, SEO Friendly, and No Limitations

Smash Balloon allows you to display multiple social media feeds in WordPress such as timeline feed, photo feed, video feed, events feed, hashtag feed, etc. without any restrictions. You can even display feeds from multiple social accounts, facebook groups, etc.

All social media feed content is 100% SEO friendly. Unlike other plugins, we don’t use iframes. Instead we embed the content directly on your web page which helps improve your SEO rankings.

Social media icons on top of graph showing growth of social media followers and conversions

Leverage Social Proof to Boost Engagement, Subscribers, and Sales

Smash Balloon makes it easy for you to display likes, shares, comments, and reactions in a customizable drop-down box below each item. This makes it easy for users to engage with your social content right from your site.

We also make it easy for you to create shoppable feeds to boost your eCommerce sales and grow your business.

Get the #1 Social Media Feeds Plugin for WordPress

Easily Display Social Media Content in WordPress with Customizable Social Media Feeds

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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Who should use Smash Balloon plugins?

Smash Balloon plugins are perfect for business owners, marketers, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and basically anyone else who wants to integrate social media content into their website to help grow their following, increase conversions, save time, or engage more with their users.

Do I need coding skills or a developer app?

Nope! We understand that many WordPress users aren't technical and so have built all of our plugins to be as easy as possible to set up and use. The easy feed setup process just requires you to login into your social media account and the plugin will do the rest. By default the plugins will inherit the styles from your theme so no customization is required, but in case you want to tweak things we have a wide variety of customization settings built in.

Will Smash Balloon plugins slow down my site?

Our plugins are specifically built with speed and performance in mind. All the data retrieved from the various social media platforms is cached by the plugin in order to minimize requests. We also dynamically load data as needed to ensure that your page speed stays lightning fast.

Do Smash Balloon plugins work on non-WordPress sites?

Our plugins are primarily designed and built for WordPress, but if you are on a non-WordPress site then we do have Standalone versions of our Facebook and Instagram plugin. These can be purchased on our go shopping page.

Can I use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites?

Yes, you can use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites in two ways. Either you can purchase the Developer license or All Access Bundle OR purchase an appropriate license for each client sites (yes you can refer them and earn 20% commission through our affiliate program).

Get the #1 Social Media Feeds Plugin for WordPress

Easily Display Social Media Content in WordPress with Customizable Social Media Feeds

Get Custom Social Feeds Now
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