FAQs and Troubleshooting

What Does Feeds for YouTube Do to Prevent My Site From Loading Slowly?

The plugin was built with site optimization in mind. This is accomplished in a few ways which are detailed below: API Requests Cached When the plugin makes a request to […]

How Can I Filter or Moderate Which YouTube Videos Display in the Feed

You can filter your feed using the moderation options in the plugin which can be found by going to Feeds for Youtube > Customize > Moderation. Show videos containing these […]

Converting YouTube Videos to a WordPress Custom Post Type

When videos are displayed in a feed, the videos are automatically saved in your WordPress database as custom posts. By default, these posts have the status of “draft” so they […]

Add Custom Pause and End of Video Actions to Your YouTube Videos

The plugin offers 3 custom displays that can be used when a user of your site pauses or finishes a video. This option can be found by going to Feeds […]

Error: “YouTube Data API has not been used in project”

To resolve this issue you will want to create a new project in the Google Developer console using the steps in the following FAQ: https://smashballoon.com/youtube-api-key/. It is important to complete […]

Feed is Showing Unlisted/Private Videos

This indicates you are not using an API key. The method used to retrieve your videos without an API key will return all available videos regardless of their status. To […]

My Playlists are Showing the Same Videos

Playlists with similar IDs can cause caching conflicts. Add the shortcode setting “feedid” to set the name of the cache explicitly and fix the conflict. For example: This error message […]

My Upcoming Live Stream Is Not Showing up in the Feed or Won’t Play on My Site

In order for live streams to work in the feed, your YouTube account has to allow each video to be embeddable and allow live streams to be embeddable. To check […]

Guide to Creating and Using an API Key

In addition to using the Smash Balloon App to connect a YouTube account and use an access token and refresh token, you can use your own YouTube API Key. Follow […]

How Does the YouTube Feed Affect Page Load Speed

The plugin is designed with minimizing the affect on page speed in mind. The feed will display thumbnails of your videos that are optimized for size of your feed when […]

Can I Display Multiple YouTube Feeds on My Site or on the Same Page?

Yes. You can display as many different feeds as you need to with the use of shortcode settings. There are many built-in shortcode options including a way to set the […]

How Do I Embed a YouTube Gallery Directly into a WordPress Page Template?

You can embed your YouTube gallery directly into a template file by using the WordPress do_shortcode function: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘ GoPro 9.3M subscribers We make the World's Most Versatile Camera.™ […]

How Do I Find the Nickname or Channel ID for Different YouTube Channels?

You can display videos from any YouTube channel using the unique YouTube channel ID. This can be found by viewing the channel page on YouTube and looking at the end […]

Can I Change Whether the YouTube Video Autoplays or Plays on Click?

Yep, just use the following setting: Feeds for YouTube > Customize > Video Experience > When does video play? You can then set the YouTube video to play when clicked […]

Will Feeds for YouTube Work with W3 Total Cache or Other Caching Plugins?

The Feeds for YouTube plugin should work in compatibility with most, if not all, caching plugins, but you may need to tweak the settings in order to allow the YouTube […]

Manually Updating the Feeds for YouTube Pro Plugin

If you’re experiencing an issue updating the plugin via your WordPress Plugins page then you can manually update the Feeds for YouTube plugin in one of two ways. Uninstall and […]

Guide to Creating Custom Templates

The HTML for Feeds for YouTube can be customized using a setting and PHP files added to the active theme’s folder. Please note that using custom templates may require maintenance […]

My Single YouTube Posts Are Showing 404 Errors

If you are getting 404 errors when visiting a individual YouTube video post, you may need to flush your permalinks. To do this, go to the dashboard, click on Settings […]