My feed won’t update

Our plugin uses caching to improve performance and limit requests made to the Instagram API. Your server or another plugin might also use caching to improve the performance of your website. Here are some common issues and ways to solve them.

1) I have a page caching plugin and the backup feed is being used. (Version 2.9 and above)

If your temporary Instagram Feed cache expires but the page is cached with a plugin such as WP Rocket or WP Fasetest Cache, a backup feed will be used until the page cache clears and an hour goes by. You may want to enable the setting “Cache error api recheck” on the “Customize” tab in order to prevent the backup feed from being needed.

2) The setting that controls caching for Instagram Feeds is set too high.

Go to the Settings page, Configure tab and look at the “Check for new posts every” setting. This time amount is how long the cache will last for the plugin. If it is set to a high interval, new posts will not show up for awhile.

3) You have a plugin that is caching the page.

There are a variety of plugins that offer caching for your pages. If you have one installed, see if you can configure it to ignore the page that the feed is on or clear the cache at a more frequent interval

4) Your hosting company uses caching with it’s servers.

Many hosts, especially managed WordPress specific hosts (like WP Engine) have their own caching system directly on their servers. You may need to contact your host in order to allow the feed to update.

5) The plugin cache isn’t clearing automatically.

A very small percentage of websites have a problem with clearing what are called transients in the WordPress database. We have a setting to clear cached data in another way. Go to the “Customize” tab and scroll to the bottom. Change the setting “Force cache to clear on interval” to “Yes