Is the plugin a one-time purchase? Will it still work after one year?

When you buy the plugin it is just a one-time purchase. Your purchase includes either a 1 year or 3 year license for support and updates (depending on the license […]

Can I transfer my license key from one site to another?

Yes. If you need to move your license key from one site to another then simply deactivate your license key on the old site and then you’ll be able to […]

Only show license renewal notice to admins

When your license is due to expire a reminder notice is displayed inside the plugin settings, and a dismissible notice is displayed on the WordPress dashboard. To only show this […]

How Can I Hide My License Key on the License Page?

In versions 5.5.1+ you can use a PHP filter to hide the license key page. Here is a basic example: function sb_custom_license_output( $output, $user_id, $license_data ) { return ‘license page’; […]