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Updating Business or Creator Accounts to the New API

If your Instagram account is a “Business” or “Creator” account you might already be using the new API. Here are instructions to verify that your connected account is up to date and connected to the new API.

Verify My Accounts Are Up To Date

If you have already set up your Instagram and Facebook account as a “Creator” or “Business” account you will not need to configure anything on or

Go to the Instagram Feed Settings page. For each of your connected accounts, verify that you are connected as a “Business” account. You’ll see “Business” underneath your user name and avatar:

Everything is up to date with this account.

If you don’t see “Business” underneath the account, and instead see “Personal” you’ll need to reconnect:

This account needs to be reconnected.

Note: If you have the same account connected as both a “Personal” account and as a “Business” account, you can delete the “Personal” account as it is no longer needed.

Alternatively, you can reconnect as a Personal account. Doing this will display “Personal (New API)” underneath the avatar and user name:

Everything is up to date with this account.

What is the Difference Between Connecting as a Personal Account vs Connecting as a Business Account?

Ideally you will want to connect as a “Business” account. See this FAQ for an explanation of the differences.

I’m Unable To Connect as a Business Account

If you have tried to reconnect as a “Business” account but are getting connection errors. Take a look at our related documentation on connection errors.

Here are some other related FAQs that may be helpful for troubleshooting connection errors:
Reauthorizing the Smash Balloon Instagram/Facebook App
Some Business Pages are Not Listed After Authorizing the Plugin

If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact support and we will take a look at the issue you are facing.

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