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There is a Problem With Twitter Card Links in My Feed

Twitter cards are the links that include an image, description, and title along with the url of the link you tweeted. Twitter does not provide this information to our plugin so instead, our plugin will attempt to retrieve it from the website linked to. This works for the majority of sites however there are some cases where it won’t. We are constantly improving this feature though some things are out of our control.

Images are Missing

Some popular news sites will block other websites from retrieving and displaying images in their news articles. Here is a list of known sites with this issue:

  • The Guardian

Entire Twitter Card Link is Missing

Some sites will block the connection to retrieve Twitter Card data entirely. Link shortening services such as Bitly (links display as…. can also cause problems as they redirect to the final URL. Sometimes the plugin can still retrieve the data it needs but not always.


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