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How to display Instagram IGTV videos on your website

Below version 6.0

On March 15th, 2021, Instagram announced that they have added support to their Graph API v10.0 for IGTV posts. This means it is now possible to use the latest version of our Instagram Feed plugin to display IGTV videos in the feed on your WordPress website.

Displaying the IGTV posts in your Instagram feed

In order to display IGTV posts, you first need to make sure you have updated to the latest version of our Instagram Feed WordPress plugin (Pro: v5.12, Free: v2.9).

IGTV videos are only available for Instagram Business profiles, so the Instagram account you have connected in the plugin to display your feed must be a “Business” profile. If you are currently using a Personal profile then you can follow the steps here to convert your profile from Personal to Business.

When creating an IGTV post, make sure to leave the setting labeled “Post a Preview” enabled so that it is posted to your feed. Otherwise, it won’t be available in the Instagram API and can’t be displayed in the feed on your WordPress site.

Display a feed of only IGTV videos

By default, the plugin will display the IGTV posts in your feed so long as you have met the criteria above.  To only show IGTV videos, you can use the following setting:

Instagram Feed > Customize > Posts > Media Type to Display > Videos only > IGTV videos

You can use this setting to choose to only show IGTV videos in your feed, or to only show regular videos.

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