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Facebook API change limits Groups to 90 days

A Facebook API change that is in affect from May 25, 2021, means that after that date it is no longer possible to retrieve content from a Facebook group beyond the past 90 days.

Why is this change being made?

The official statement from Facebook regarding this change is: “To align with other Facebook data retention policies, the Groups API will only include data created within the last 90 days of your queries.”.

How does this affect me?

If you are using the Custom Facebook Feed plugin to display content from a Facebook Group then after this date only content from the past 90 days will be able to be retrieved from Facebook.  If your group has regular activity, then you likely won’t even notice this change as there will be sufficient activity in the past 90 days to fill up your feed.

What is Smash Balloon doing to help users with this?

As soon as Facebook announced this change we immediately started working on updates to both our free and Pro plugins to make this change less impactful for our users.  In the most recent update (Free: v2.19.1, Pro v3.19.3) we have added a “persistent caching” feature.  This will work in two ways:

  1. If you update the plugin to this version before May 25, 2021, then the next time the feed is loaded it will automatically retrieve and store the last 100 posts from the Facebook API for your group.
  2. Any new posts in your group going forward will be added to this persistent cache and stored (up to 150 posts total).

This means that you’ll be able to display this content from your group beyond 90 days, even once it is no longer available in the Facebook API.

We have implemented similar caching systems in our other plugins for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube plugin in the past too, to help minimize the affect of API changes and limitations on users, as we are committed to ensuring our plugins are the most reliable, well maintained, and user-focused social media plugins available.

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