How Do I Embed the Twitter Feed Directly into a Theme Template?

You can embed the feed directly into a template file by using the WordPress¬†do_shortcode¬†function: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘GoProFollow41,3612,170,144Official GoPro Twitter. We make the World's Most Versatile Cameras. Share with #GoPro. Meet […]

Are there any technical/server requirements for running the plugin?

Your web server should have either cURL or the PHP allow_url_fopen function enabled. If you don’t know what these are then don’t worry as they’re enabled on the majority of […]

Manually updating the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin

If you’re experiencing an issue updating the plugin automatically via your WordPress Plugins page then you can manually update the plugin in one of three ways. Manually Update via the […]

Where do I enter my Custom Twitter Feeds license key?

You enter your license under the ‘License’ tab, which is on the Settings page, as shown in the screenshot below: Please note, if you don’t see a ‘License’ tab then […]