Image not included when sharing post from Instagram to Facebook Feed

If you are sharing a post from your Instagram account to your Facebook page and the image is not being included then it may be because you’re sharing the post […]

Images are not displaying in the feed.

Possible Causes: Possible Cause #1 – The Free version of the plugin is still installed and activated. You can quickly check this by going to your¬†WordPress Dashboard – Plugins and […]

The popup lightbox doesn’t display photos and displays a thin line instead

The most common reason for this is that either your theme or another plugin is replacing the lightbox photo with a 1×1 pixel placeholder image. This is most common with […]

Photos and avatar pictures aren’t showing up in my Facebook feed

The most common reason for this is that an add-on or extension you have installed in your web browser (often Firefox) is blocking the photos being loaded from Facebook. Try […]

The pop-up lightbox keeps directing/opening the raw image file

When using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin, if there is an image with the lightbox not successfully opening the image then it could be due to one of the […]