The font in my Facebook feed isn’t inherited from my website

Be default your Facebook feed should inherit the font from your website. If this isn’t the case then it’s possible that something in the theme is preventing this from happening. […]

Manually updating the Custom Facebook Feed plugin

If you’re experiencing an issue updating the plugin automatically via your WordPress Plugins page then you can manually update the plugin in one of two ways. Uninstall and Reinstall If […]

The plugin’s CSS and JavaScript files aren’t being included in my page

If your Custom Facebook Feed appears to be unstyled or none of the interactive elements in the feed are working (comments box isn’t opening, lightbox isn’t working, etc) then it’s most […]

I’m receiving an error message when trying to display my posts

Please refer to our Error Message Reference page for information on how to resolve common error messages.

The shortcode options aren’t working

The most common causes of this are: 1) There’s HTML tags within the shortcode which are preventing it from working correctly If you copied and pasted the shortcode into the […]

Photos and avatar pictures aren’t showing up in my Facebook feed

The most common reason for this is that an add-on or extension you have installed in your web browser (often Firefox) is blocking the photos being loaded from Facebook. Try […]

My Facebook Feed page is loading slowly

There are a few different factors which could affect how quickly your Facebook feed loads. In version 3.0 of the plugin we’ve made the plugin faster and added some significant […]

Facebook Group not showing photos in some posts or some posts are missing

The reason that some photos or posts may not be displayed in your Facebook group or page feeds for some users, is that some users may have the Privacy setting on their […]

Only a few of my posts are showing up, or I’m only getting “___ is now friends with ___” posts

This is usually because you’re trying to display posts from a personal Facebook profile. The plugin can only be used to display posts from a public Facebook page. The easiest way […]

Receiving a Facebook error: Unauthorized source IP address:

That error message means that your web server’s IP address has been blacklisted by Facebook, most likely because someone else using the same IP address has violated the Facebook Terms […]

Some “Visitor Posts” aren’t showing up in my feed

If some posts by visitors to your page aren’t showing up in the feed on your website then this is likely due to one of the following two reasons: 1) […]

There’s a large gap beneath the embedded videos in my feed

This is most likely because the WordPress theme you’re using has responsive video functionality built into it which is conflicting with the responsive video functionality built into the Custom Facebook […]

My Facebook event times are displaying incorrectly or using the wrong timezone

This may be because your web site has a different timezone setting applied than the timezone set on your events on Facebook. You can change the timezone used in the […]

The comments box and “Share” link don’t expand when I click them

There are two main reasons why this issue could be occurring: 1) The plugin’s JavaScript file isn’t being included in your page. If your WordPress theme is missing the WordPress […]

The Load More button isn’t working

There are a few reasons why this could be happening: 1) The plugin’s JavaScript file isn’t being included in your page. If your WordPress theme is missing the WordPress wp_footer function […]

Can I display photos from a Facebook Group “Photos” page?

Facebook deprecated version 2.0 of their API on August 8th, 2016, which means that it’s unfortunately no longer be possible to display photos from a Facebook Group “Photos” page. We […]

Fixing the Salient theme conflict

There is a known issue with the Salient WordPress theme where it causes links within plugins to be opened as a new page in the theme, which triggers a blank […]

Video sizing issue in the Salient theme

The salient theme wraps embedded videos (such as YouTube) in an element which causes an issue with sizing in our plugin. To fix this, simply add the following to our […]

The pop-up lightbox keeps directing/opening the raw image file

When using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin, if there is an image with the lightbox not successfully opening the image then it could be due to one of the […]