Displaying Facebook Reviews

In order to display Facebook reviews you would need the Pro version of the plugin plus the Reviews extension. You can find out how to use the Reviews extension by […]

Can I display a dedicated feed of my Facebook Notes?

Unfortunately Facebook deprecated their Notes API on April 30th 2015, and so it’s no longer possible to display a dedicated feed of your Facebook Notes: { “error”: { “message”: “(#12) […]

Is it possible to display only my own posts in my group?

When displaying posts from a Facebook “Page” it’s easy to do this as when the owner/admin of a Facebook page posts to the page they are posting as “the page”, […]

Dequeing the plugin files

To dequeue the files for each of the plugins, add the following to your plugin’s functions.php file. Make sure they’re placed within PHP tags: <?php ..script here.. ?> // Custom […]

Can I display photos from a Facebook Group “Photos” page?

Facebook deprecated version 2.0 of their API on August 8th, 2016, which means that it’s unfortunately no longer be possible to display photos from a Facebook Group “Photos” page. We […]