Display video grids in 16:9 format

By default videos in a Videos-only grid are displayed as square. Add this snippet to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Customize > Misc > Custom JavaScript) to display them in a 16:9 format.

Change the layout of shared link posts to match photo/video posts

By default the shared link posts have a different layout to photo and video posts, but you can change this to match by following the directions below. First, go to […]

Only include the plugin files on specific pages

By default the Custom Facebook Feed plugin will include it’s CSS and JavaScript file on every page, as, due to browser caching, once the files are loaded once by the […]

How to add “Load more” or pagination functionality in the plugin

Version 3.0 and above Versions 3.0 and above of the plugin includes a “Load More” button that allows you to load more content into the bottom of your feed. To […]

Lazy loading the Facebook photos and videos

Currently, there isn’t a lazy loading feature built into the plugin, however, you can use this plugin which is compatible with the Custom Facebook Feed plugin in order to lazy […]

Change your Facebook profile image/avatar

Add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Customize > Misc > Custom JavaScript):

Creating a dynamic Like Box

If you’re using a multifeed then you may want to either change which Like Box is being shown based on the first post in the feed, or you may want to add a Like Box to each post.