Change the size of the Load More button

To change the size of the Load More button simply add the following to the plugin’s Custom CSS section (Customize > Misc > Custom CSS). You can change the width value in the snippet as needed.

Reversing the order of items in a photo, video, or album feed

Use this snippet to reverse the order of visible items in a photos, videos, or albums feed.

Insert your own content every X number of posts

Add ads or content in between your Facebook posts.

Change Border Color Around Post Box on Hover (3D Effect)

Create a “3D” effect on the post box when the visitor hovers over it with the mouse.

Change the Share Tool Tip Box

Change the background color, icon color, or icon color on hover.

Change Background Colors and Opacity

The plugin does not have a setting for background opacity so you would need to clear the background color option and use this code.

Center the Like Box

The likebox is floated to the left of the page by default but can be centered by following the directions below:

Center the Entire Feed on the Page

The feed is floated to the left and stretched across it’s containing element by default. You can center the entire feed with the following CSS:
#cff{ float: none; }

Change the Header Text and Author Icon

Snippets to center the text, center the author icon, hide the text, or hide the author icon.

Automatically link the photo in each feed to a custom URL in the post text

You can link the photo in a post to a Custom URL by using the following snippet:

Display an icon when hovering over a photo or video

To display an icon when hovering over a photo or video, add the following to the plugin’s Custom CSS section (Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc > Custom CSS):

Creating a slideshow, slider, or carousel from your Facebook posts

If you’re using the Pro version of the Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin then you can use our Carousel extension to create sliding carousels out of your Facebook content. If […]

Changing the font in your Facebook feed & using Google Fonts

The plugin is designed to naturally inherit the font that’s used on your website or WordPress theme so that it fits seamlessly into your site. You can manually change the […]

Creating a Masonry grid layout from your Facebook posts

If using v3.8+ of the Pro plugin and v2.11 of the free plugin, then there is a built-in setting to create a multi-column masonry layout for your feed. Just use […]

How does the plugin handle text and language translation?

Custom Facebook Feed is able to be fully translated into any language. There are different types of text that are included within the plugin – some from Facebook and some […]

Translate the months of the date using JavaScript

In the WordPress plugin the date will be displayed in whichever language your WordPress installation is in. Sometimes you may have multiple feeds on a site though and each one […]

Date Formatting Reference

You can use the reference below to create your own custom date format. Below are a few examples and a reference for what each letter represents. F jS, g:i a […]

Is it possible to display only my own posts in my group?

When displaying posts from a Facebook “Page” it’s easy to do this as when the owner/admin of a Facebook page posts to the page they are posting as “the page”, […]

Move shared links to display at the top of the Facebook post

By default the link boxes which are displayed when you share a link on Facebook are displayed at the bottom of the post. To display these at the top just add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section:

Styling Facebook posts by different authors

If multiple people are posting to your Facebook page or if you’re using our Multifeed extension to display posts from multiple different Facebook pages in one single feed, then it’s […]