How do I customize my Facebook feed?

WordPress plugin You can customize the feed by setting the options on the Customize┬ápage, which can be found under the Facebook Feed┬ámenu in your left hand WordPress admin menu. If […]

Using shortcode options to customize your Facebook feeds

If you’re only displaying one Facebook feed on your site – even if you’re using it in multiple places – then you don’t need to use our shortcode options. You […]

Can I display my Facebook posts horizontally or in multiple columns?

Displaying posts horizontally To display your posts horizontally you would need to do the following: 2 posts Set the number of posts to be 2, or use the following shortcode: […]

Loading your Facebook feed using JavaScript

By default, the Custom Facebook Feed plugin loads your Facebook feed using PHP on the server side so that they’re embedded into your page source code for SEO purposes. The […]

How does the plugin handle text and language translation?

Custom Facebook Feed is able to be fully translated into any language. There are different types of text that are included within the plugin – some from Facebook and some […]

Date Formatting Reference

You can use the reference below to create your own custom date format. Below are a few examples and a reference for what each letter represents. F jS, g:i a […]

Is it possible to display only my own posts in my group?

When displaying posts from a Facebook “Page” it’s easy to do this as when the owner/admin of a Facebook page posts to the page they are posting as “the page”, […]

Only include the plugin files on specific pages

By default the Custom Facebook Feed plugin will include it’s CSS and JavaScript file on every page, as, due to browser caching, once the files are loaded once by the […]

Lazy loading the Facebook photos and videos

Currently, there isn’t a lazy loading feature built into the plugin, however, you can use this plugin which is compatible with the Custom Facebook Feed plugin in order to lazy […]