Custom Facebook Feed

Unknown Error When Trying To Display Posts

If you are seeing an error message “Error: An unknown error has occurred.Type: OAuthException” this is due to a bug in Facebooks API related to retrieving comments. We have notified […]

Renewing an Events Access Token

This page has been moved here.

Renew or extend an Events Access Token

It is now possible to permanently extend an Events Access Token so that it never expires. Just enter your existing 60-day Access Token into the tool on this page.

Adding our app to a Facebook Group

In order to display a feed of posts from a Facebook group an admin of the groups must first add our app in the Facebook group settings by doing the […]

Display a Facebook Group Feed

With V3.9 of the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin it’s now possible to display feeds from Facebook Groups. What can I display? You can display content from an open, closed, […]

Change text of Facebook post Call-To-Action buttons

By default, the plugin uses the text provided by the Facebook API, but this can be changed by adding the following snippet to the plugin’s “Custom JavaScript” section (Customize > Misc):

Changing the size of the Facebook author avatar

The standard size of the Facebook author avatar is 40px but this can be increased by using the following snippets.

Add dates to Photo, Video, and Album feeds

You can use this snippet to add dates below the posts in your Photo, Album, and Video grid feeds.

Can I use the plugin with the WordPress 5.0 block page editor (Gutenberg)?

Yes, you can add the shortcode to any block in the Gutenberg page editor. For example, paste the shortcode directly into a “Paragraph” block, as shown below: Or, into a […]

My Facebook feed posts are not showing up, or all I can see is the Like box but no posts

There are a few common reasons why your feed might not be displaying. It’s recommended to go through the following checks before requesting support… 1) You’re trying to display posts […]

My Facebook Access Token stopped working

On April 24th, 2018, Facebook made a change to their platform which means that if you’re using an “App” Access Token from your own Facebook app and it’s still in […]

Displaying Facebook Events with the Facebook “Page Plugin” widget

Due to recent Facebook API changes, it is not currently possible to display events from Facebook pages that you’re not an admin of using the Facebook API. As a temporary […]

Facebook API Changes – April 4, 2018

Updated August 2019 Due to some sudden changes that Facebook has made to their API in April, 2018, some features of our Custom Facebook Feed plugin are either temporarily affected […]

Reauthorizing our Facebook App

If you need to reauthorize our plugin app (or you’d like to remove it altogether) then you can do so by going to the app settings within your Facebook account: […]

Add a custom scrollbar to any of our plugins

By default, our plugin will use the default browser scrollbar for whichever browser the feed is viewed in. If you’d like to use a custom scrollbar then there are a […]

Image not included when sharing post from Instagram to Facebook Feed

Update: This issue should be fixed in v3.9 of the Custom Facebook Feed Pro WordPress plugin If you are sharing a post from your Instagram account to your Facebook page […]

Create a custom title in your Facebook posts

This allows you to grab a certain piece of text from your Facebook post and create a title out of it.

Extending a Group Access Token so it never expires

In order for your Groups Access Token to never expire you must first be an admin of a Facebook “Page”.  This is because Facebook Page tokens never expire by default […]

Add captions text to Photos grid layout

To add caption text below each photo in your Photos grid feed simply add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc):

Filtering your Facebook posts

The Custom Facebook Feed plugin has a post filtering feature built into it which allows you to filter your posts by a specific string or hashtag. You can set this […]