Can I display photos from a private Instagram account?

You can display photos from your own private Instagram account, but not from other people’s private accounts. This means that when you retrieve your Access Token on the plugin’s Settings page that you log in and retrieve the token from the private account that you want to display photos from. If you use an Access Token from a different Instagram account then you won’t be able to access the photos.


If you wish to change your Instagram privacy settings then you can find information on how to do that here on the Instagram website.

Error Message

In recent versions of the plugin you may see an error message displayed in your feed which says “Error: User ID ___ does not exist, is invalid, or is private”. This message is only displayed to site admins and won’t be seen other people viewing your site. If you receive this error then please double check the Instagram User ID that you are using and ensure that it is valid and not from someone else’s private account. To find your User ID simply enter your Instagram user name into this tool.