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5+ Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress to Boost Your Followers

Do you want to know the best social media plugins you can install on your WordPress site?

Considering that more than half the world’s population now uses social media, it’s more important than ever to integrate social media into your website.

But since there are tons of social media plugins available on the market, it can get confusing to choose the best plugins.

That’s why in this post, we’ll share with you the best social media plugins for WordPress that you can use right away. By using these social media plugins, you can get more followers, boost your sales and grow your business in no time.

Let’s start by talking about what you need to look for in a great social media plugin.

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3 Must-Have Features of a Social Media Plugin

When it comes to choosing a great social media plugin, one of the most important factors you need to consider is its performance.

Since these plugins need to load social media content on your website, it’s vital that they’re both lightweight and powerful so they won’t slow down your website at all.

The social media plugins included in this article are built with performance in mind, so they won’t negatively affect your user experience and page speed.

Next, you also need to figure out which social media platforms you want your plugin to focus on.

Do you want to show your content from a specific social media platform like Facebook or Instagram? Or how about getting a single WordPress plugin that can show content from different social media channels?

Finally, you need to decide on what features you’d like your social media plugins to have.

Do you need it to display social icons in your sidebar area? How about showing off your social media feeds on your website — does your social media plugin need to have this feature? Or should it add sharing buttons to your blog posts?

With these in mind, let’s check out some of the best social media plugins you can install on your WordPress website today.

5+ Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro

best social media plugins

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro is the Instagram feed plugin of Smash Balloon, the best social media feed plugin suite for WordPress. It’s the #1 tool to help you display beautiful Instagram feeds on your website.

The cool thing about this plugin is that it’s packed with lots of features, but it’s also user-friendly. In fact, you can use it to create and embed your Instagram feeds in just a few minutes.

Instagram Feed Pro looks amazing right out of the box since it automatically copies your website’s existing design.

Want to customize the way your Instagram feed looks like? You can also easily do this just by checking or unchecking options — no coding knowledge needed!

Looking for a free Instagram feed plugin? You can check out the free version of Instagram Feed Pro here. It can help you display your Instagram feed, with a few limitations.

Want to unlock more features that can help take your business to the top?

The premium version of Instagram Feed Pro lets you add different types of responsive Instagram feeds on your WordPress, such as hashtag feed, tagged feed, Instagram carousel feed, shoppable Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and more!

best social media plugins instagram

Ready to get more followers and sales from Instagram?

Get started with Instagram Feed Pro today!

2. RafflePress

best social media plugins rafflepress

Another great social media plugin that can boost your followers is RafflePress, the best giveaway plugin for WordPress.

With its drag and drop giveaway builder, you can use RafflePress to create, design, and publish successful giveaway campaigns — without hiring a developer to help you.

Also, since more and more users are now joining contests via their phones, you’ll be glad to know that the RafflePress giveaway widget is 100% responsive. This means that it works great and looks awesome on both desktop and mobile.

RafflePress comes with ready-made giveaway templates so you don’t need to create your social media giveaways from scratch. This way, you can easily reward people for joining your online contest if they:

  • Like your post on social media
  • Share your post on their profiles
  • Follow your social media accounts
  • Subscribe to your social channels
  • And more!

You can even use the plugin’s viral sharing feature so your users can refer your online contest to their friends. As a result, you can get more contest-joiners and more social media followers in no time!

Ready to create viral giveaways so you can get more followers?

Get started with RafflePress today!

3. Cresta Social Share Counter

cresta social share

Want to have more followers on both social media and your blog posts? Then Cresta Social Share Counter, a social media share buttons plugin, is what you’re looking for.

Without slowing down your website’s performance, Cresta Social Share helps you quickly retrieve, cache, and display various social sharing counts on your website.

After all, this plugin is installed by over 7,000 active users worldwide — some of which have large websites that get tens of millions of page views every month.

The plugin comes with 9 different button styles that your readers can use to share your posts to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among others.

4. Social Warfare

best social media plugins social warfare

Social media is all about sharing, that’s why we’ve included another social media plugin that can help you easily share your content in this list: Social Warfare.

As a popular social sharing plugin, you can use Social Warfare to add beautiful and lightning-fast social share buttons to your website. You can even use it to easily customize your social sharing buttons so their style is similar to your own brand.

And if you have a Google Analytics account, you can even use the plugin to track how your social shares are performing so you can focus on doing more of what works for your business.

Plus, with the plugin’s custom title, custom images, and custom descriptions, you can control the way your visitors share your content to their social media platforms so you can drive traffic back to your own site.

One limitation when using this plugin? Social Warfare shows share buttons for your content alone — it won’t share your social media feeds on your website.

As such, some users may find their $29/month pricing a bit costly.

Especially when you consider that other social media plugins like Smash Balloon display your multiple social feeds complete with comments and reactions, provide you with instant “like” buttons, boost your site’s SEO, and many other social features for less than $29/month.

But if you’re interested in a simple social sharing plugin for your WordPress site, then Social Warfare is a good choice to get started with.

5. Smash Balloon Social Wall Pro

best social media plugins social wall pro

This list for the best social media plugins won’t be complete without the best social media aggregator for WordPress: Smash Balloon’s Social Wall Pro.

What’s the purpose of a social media aggregator, you ask?

As a super easy-to-use social media aggregator, Social Wall Pro lets you combine your social feeds from different platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

The cool thing about using Social Wall Pro? It’s beginner-friendly and easy to customize. In fact, you just need to check or uncheck options in the plugin’s settings page to control the content you want to show. So, there’s no need to tweak code snippets or hire a developer to help you.

Since the plugin organizes your social media feeds into a single feed, you can easily embed this on your WordPress website so you can boost your followers in not just 1, but 4 social media platforms!

best social media plugins social wall pro

And the best part about getting the Social Wall Pro plugin? If you get the discounted All Access bundle, you get access to all of Smash Balloon plugins, including:

  • Instagram Feed Pro
  • Custom Twitter Feeds Pro
  • Feeds for YouTube Pro
  • Custom Facebook Feed Pro (+ All Facebook Feed Extensions)

And did we mention that getting the bundle lets you use all of these best social media plugins on unlimited websites?

Increase your followers in 4 social media followers at the same time.

Get started with Social Wall Pro today!

Bonus: OptinMonster

best social media plugins optinmonster

You may be wondering why OptinMonster, the best lead generation software on the market, is on this list. That’s because it’s also a wonderful tool to help you get more social media followers — right on your website.

OptinMonster has tons of campaign types you can use to encourage your site visitors to follow your social media accounts: floating bars, sidebar forms, lightbox popup, and more!

For example, here’s a social media campaign template you can use to grow your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

best social media plugins optinmonster

And with its quick drag and drop builder, OptinMonster lets you create mobile-friendly popups in just minutes, with no technical knowledge required!

Plus, OptinMonster optimizes your social media campaigns for the highest conversion rates.

So by using this solution, you can easily boost your leads, skyrocket your sales and increase your social media followers — all in just one tool.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Get started with OptinMonster today!

And so, there you have it!

Now, you know the best social media plugins that you can install on your WordPress website right away. With the help of these plugins, you can experience explosive growth in your social media accounts over time.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Smash Balloon now!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more social media tips and tricks to grow your business.

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